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Candace Gold
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ATwist of Fate
When Susan Blaine meets Joseph Maisel, she knows he's the one man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Their love blooms, but the differences in their religious and cultural backgrounds chip away at its foundation. However, it is the discovery of whom her biological father was that destroys their love, driving them apart, until fate steps in.
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Is there a love so strong it could weather all storms?
The Promise
What happens when the Godfather meets Romeo & Juliet?
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Lucia Pallacio falls in love with Anthony Falco. Her mobster father, Vincent, forbids her to see Anthony. When she disobeys, his goons beat and leave Anthony for dead. Vincent then forces Lucia to marry Carlo Guerriero, who keeps her a prisoner, expecting her to meet his every sexual desire. Her life becomes a struggle to survive and discover the reason behind her arranged marriage.
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